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Some people are called to minister at the edges of the church. Some are called to minister at the edges of society, or the world. The people who live at these edges include those impacted by poverty, immigration status, mental health or addiction issues, sexuality or gender identity, imprisonment, and other factors. This retreat can assist all those called to such margins to grow as persons, to seek proper supervision and support, and to not lose hope while serving others.
This retreat will support Spiritual Directors and other ministers, as well as those discerning a call to such service; those who currently work on the margins, as well as those considering such a ministry.
Presentations will include:
• Marginalization, Inner Marginalization, and Double Marginalization
• The Reality of Human Suffering
• Hazards and Benefits of Ministering on the Margins
• Despair and Hope
• Designing a Caring Plan for Life
• Revisiting My Calling

One session will consist of a panel presentation by persons ministering in homelessness, addiction, severe mental health and cancer diagnosis, non-binary gender identity, and climate-justice advocacy.
In addition to presentations, days will include ample time for silent reflection, opportunity for journaling or creative expression, small group and large group dialog, ritual, and space for rest, integration, and soul-nurturing on Genesis’ beautiful 19 acres of Providence Arboretum.

Facilitated by Rev. Oscar Brockmeyer, Director of the Spiritual Life Center in West Hartford, CT, and Liz Walz, ASP, Director of Genesis Spiritual Life & Conference Center in Westfield, MA, with audio tracks from Bro. Don Bisson, FMS.
Begins Friday with supper at 6pm and ends Tuesday with lunch at noon, July 12-16, 2019
For more information or to register, visit GenesisSpiritualCenter.org or call 413-562-3627

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