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The workshops are highly interactive, with realistic scenarios, hands-on skill practice, and in-depth experiential activity. Also includes personalized instructor problem-solving during the workshop or by phone one-on-one.

Dates:  March19 / April 2/* April 14/ April 30/May 14

*Note date change

#1 – Management Fundamentals

Presenter: Diana Brooks, Diana Brooks Associates

Puts management into context for those relatively new to the position or experienced but untrained in the role. Explores the role of management and how strong management skills/behavior can create an environment in which employees reach their potential and maximize their contributions to the organization.
#2 – Communication, Motivation,
& Conflict Management
Presenter: Diana Brooks, Diana Brooks Associates

Explores how positive-yet-firm communication makes management easier and more effective. Looks at communication styles and techniques that reach employees respectfully, and conflict resolution styles that strengthen relationships. Develops skills through practice of these styles.

#3 – Employment Law 101
Presenter: Attorney Susan Fentin
Skoler, Abbott & Presser, PC

Many supervisors do not understand how their decisions about employee issues can create liability, not only for the agency but also for themselves personally. This program will give supervisors basic information about employment law; plus skills and strategies for managing agency staff that can help to avoid employment litigation.

#4 – Performance Feedback & Management
Presenter: Diana Brooks, Diana Brooks Associates

Builds awareness and skills of the impact managers have on the performance of their employees, examines management actions that can develop/enhance or impair/impede employee performance. Areas covered are employee feedback, coaching, goal setting, follow-up and review.
#5 – Team Building & Engagement

Presenter: Diana Brooks, Diana Brooks Associates

Explores the role that a strong, unified team identity plays in helping a department/organization attain its goals and continue to renew itself. Examines the advantages that team effectiveness and participation bring to employees and managers.

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