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We know that nonprofits are under-resourced and faced with a rising demand in projects on their plate. Catchafire is an online platform for virtual volunteering. We connect you with volunteers ready to lend their expertise and provide project support in areas like marketing, IT, and strategic planning.

It’s easy – within five minutes, you can post a project and get connected to a global network of volunteers. You’ll have unlimited access to nonprofit experts, with coaching and professional development opportunities to help you along the way. Working with volunteers isn’t just a one-off engagement; over half of volunteers stay involved as repeat volunteers, donors, or board members.

We’re a program for your entire nonprofit. Once you register, you can add colleagues to the account so that they can post and manage projects.

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Post a project: You can post as many projects as you’d like! Each project template is built by our team of experts and customized to respond to your needs. We have over 150 templates across key department areas. You’ll save staff time and receive high-quality deliverables. On average, nonprofits are matched within five days.

Phone consultations: In addition to our pre-scoped projects (5-50 volunteer hours), you have the opportunity for one-hour phone calls for quick advice on a topic or question.

Catchafire getting started webinar: We host a live weekly webinar where nonprofit advisors will walk through membership basics and how to match with a volunteer.

Schedule a call with Catchafire’s nonprofit advisors: Our customer success team helps you with registration and navigating the platform. Once you’re registered, our nonprofit advisors are on-demand for advice and feedback as you post projects and calls.

Professional coaching and development: You and your colleagues will have access to unlimited one-on-one coaching, monthly topical trainings, and a nonprofit executive director support group, giving you the opportunity to connect with others, develop your skills, and share your learnings.

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Connections that Make a Difference

67% of volunteers have nonprofit experience

9.2/10 volunteer rating based on 36,796 surveys

89,781 volunteers active in the last year

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“Catchafire is the new Sears catalog…I got really excited and started creating the things that I wanted, because Catchafire was the answer to my wish list. It also gave me the opportunity to wish for things that I know I would not be able to afford to have. Thanks to Catchafire, I’m able to do so much. The thing I got excited about was no limit on projects.”
Lisa Woolfork, Founder
Black Women Stitch

Since November 2020, volunteers on
Catchafire have created over $590,000 in