HSF in The Reminder Talking About Our Equity Series

https://www.thereminder.com/localnews/easthampton/human-service-forum-offers-professional-developmen/ Human Service Forum offers professional development  May 1, 2023 |  Miasha LeeEASTHAMPTON — The Human Service Forum is a networking/training organization for nonprofit organizations who are doing human service work […]

Leadership, Languishing, and Turning the Corner (again?)

Back in early 2021 I wrote an article about the impacts of languishing on leadership in the nonprofit and human services sector. At the time we were looking ahead to a lighter and easier year to come. But twelve more months of rollercoastering case numbers, deadly variants, and zigzagging safety restrictions have left us… where?

Join me as I revisit leadership and languishing to see what’s changed and what hasn’t for 2022.

The Future of Grantmaking: How Capacity Building Organizations are Changing the Narrative

With a deeply rooted history steeped in politics, socio-economic disparities, and overall lack of resources, the not for profit sector is often lagging behind the for profit in technology and marketing efforts. This is why Catchafire.org and partners like HSF are changing the traditional capacity building model and creating pathways for nonprofits to make an equitable impact.

Five *Free* Nonprofit Marketing Tools we Love

Whether you invest in marketing to communicate with the communities you serve, to raise awareness about key issues, or to meet your development goals, there are some great free tools that can save you time and money. Here is a countdown of our top five.