Press Release: HSF Extends Program That Provides Operational Support to Local Nonprofits

Human Service Forum and Catchafire

Western Massachusetts nonprofits to get access to services to build capacity, as they continue to face pandemic and recovery challenges

HOLYOKE, MA — The Human Service Forum (HSF), in collaboration with the Beveridge Family Foundation, Irene & George Davis Foundation, and the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts, announce a new partnership with Catchafire to provide member organizations with access to the consultative help they need to build capacity and bring their nonprofit to the next level of operational, programmatic and financial maturity. 

“Amid the pandemic, nonprofit organizations have struggled with challenges such as operating with decreased resources including volunteer support, shifting how they deliver their programs, and dealing with event and fundraiser cancellations — all while facing skyrocketing demand for their services,” said Executive Director of HSF, Becca Coolong. “Extending our partnership with Catchafire will allow area nonprofits to continue to access needed professional services at no cost, which will allow them to respond to rising needs, continue to recover from this challenging year, and better serve their communities.”

Catchafire helps to strengthen nonprofits by matching pro bono consultants who want to donate their time with organizations that need their help. Through the partnership with HSF, 100 member nonprofits will have access to skills-based volunteers through Catchafire’s website. This support will empower nonprofits to strengthen their organizations so they can endure any future stressors that may come their way. 

“We’re excited to expand our work in New England and support Western Massachusetts nonprofits to help them fulfill unmet needs,” said Catchafire CEO Rachael Chong. “With the support of HSF, the Beveridge Family Foundation, Irene & George Davis Foundation, and the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts the, we’re able to help Western Mass area nonprofits access expert professional services, saving them time and money so they can focus on serving their communities.”

Catchafire volunteers offer assistance on a wide variety of projects, including fundraising, data management, business systems development, translation, technical writing, and graphic design. All of the volunteers are skilled professionals who apply to work on a nonprofit’s project and are matched if both parties agree to work together. 

In May 2021, HSF started using Catchafire for their own capacity building needs and has benefited from nearly 50 hours of volunteer time already. After such a positive experience, HSF is now spearheading this partnership to offer Catchafire to their member organizations, free of charge, for the next 12 months. 

“Catchafire has made a huge impact and been extremely helpful in revamping our website and virtual offerings.” said Ms. Coolong. “Posting projects on Catchafire, matching with skilled volunteers that are passionate about our cause and mission, was efficient. The process was seamless and easy to follow. We accomplished so much with the help and support of Catchafire volunteers. We have to get this resource to other nonprofits in Western Massachusetts.”

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